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Version History

VideoBlend for Mac is a free video editor and player designed for Mac OS X.
We are always upgrading VideoBlend.

Version 1.4

Updated November 5th, 2014
Fixed the crash bug of 'Add Music' tab
Improved YouTube downloader
Improved 'Split' tab
Improved Basic theme
Improved Transition
Improved Save function
Improved 2nd Monitor in Player
Fixed the hue bug of Player
Fixed minor bugs

Version 1.3

Updated April 29th, 2014
Fixed the 'no sound' bug
Stabilized the file saving progress of 'MKV' and 'WEMB'
Improved the speed of 'Split' tab
Improved the 'Player' interface
Fixed bugs

Version 1.2

Updated April 7th, 2014
Added a 'Effects' tab
Improved Youtube Download feature
Improved the color selection tool
Improved the font selection tool
Improved UI
Fixed bugs

Version 1.1

Updated January 28th, 2014
Added a 'Watermark' tab
Support Retina display
Improved the display quality of subtitles
Improved UI
Fixed bugs

Version 1.0

Released November 1st, 2013
Initial release of VideoBlend for Mac
- Split, Transcode, Download, Add Music, Rotate, Volume Control, Extract Audio, Create GIF and Player

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